Wagoneer Pencil -2x3.5 Present Tag-Happy Holidays

Wagoneer Pencil -2x3.5 Present Tag-Happy Holidays


Our 2 x 3.5" present tags are are printed on heavy card stock and will make a great addition to your holiday presents! These tags come with red and white striped string/ribbon-as seen in the picture.
2x3.5 Present Tag 5x7 Card 8x10 Print 8x10 Wood Transfer
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The Jeep Grand Wagoneer doesn't need much to look good and that is very evident in our BW illustration! We hope you agree! This piece will be a great addition to your holiday decor and it's sure to add a smile to those that receive it if you choose to use it as your Holiday card artwork! This artwork is available as an 8x10 print, 5x7 Card, 2x3.5 Present Tag and an approximately 8x10 Wood Transfer. The 8x10 piece is printed on watercolor paper and will look great framed! The cards are blank inside and will fold from the top. The present tags are printed on durable card stock and will be accompanied with red and white string for hanging. The wood transfer is approximately 8x10 and due to the nature of the product, there will be variations of the wood grain and finish-we've included 2 options for hanging-Saw tooth hanger with nails to go on the back side of the piece and screw eyes with twine to go on the top of the piece.