Seahorse-4.25x5.5 Card

Seahorse-4.25x5.5 Card


Our 4.25x5.5 cards are printed on Hahnemule William Turner paper, the same textured paper we print all of our watercolor artwork on! These cards are works of art in their own right and will provide the perfect packaging for your "Thank You", "I Miss You", "How Are You" or whatever you are writing card...they'll also look great framed!!! They are honestly beautiful and we hope you love them!!!
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The complexity and detail of this seahorse is one-of-a-kind and very difficult to do in watercolor. This piece would add a vibrancy to any room of your home, lake houes or beach house! Like all of our watercolor artwork, this piece is printed on Hahnemule William Turner 190 gsm paper because it is simply the best paper we could find! This textured paper ensures that our prints maintain the vibrancy and beauty of our originals-ensuring each piece is as beautiful as possible.